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Why People Make Use Of Proxy Server & How to Use It?

Proxy server is the computer that will act as the intermediary between user’s computer and Internet. This allows the client system’s to make the indirect network connections on other network services. Suppose you use proxy server, then client computers may first connect to proxy server, and requesting resources such as games, web pages, mp3, videos, e-books or other resources that are accessible from different servers on Internet. When getting this request, proxy server may seek for the resources from cache in the local hard disk. Suppose resources are cached before, proxy server may return to client computers. Suppose not cached, then it may connect to relevant servers & request resources for the client computers. After that it will ‘cache’ resources from remote servers, or returns the subsequent requests for same content directly.

These days, we make use of the TPB proxy server for different purpose such as sharing Internet connections at the local area network, to hide IP address, access blocked websites implement Internet access control, and more. Here are some benefits of why people make use of proxy server:

  • Speed up the Internet surfing – Suppose use proxy server, then all requests from the client computers may reach to the proxy server, if server has cached any required resources in the local hard disk prior to the web cache function, then clients will get the feedback straight from the proxy server, this can be quickly than the direct accessing.Pirate Bay Proxy
  • To share connection on LAN – Small businesses & families have got multiple computers however with one connection; they will share their Internet connection to other computers on LAN with the proxy server.
  • To bypass security filters and restrictions – For instance, work offices have totally blocked Facebook & MySpace but, you may use the proxy server just to bypass these restrictions & access blocked websites very easily.
  • Hide IP address of client computer so it will surf anonymous, it is mainly for the security reasons – The proxy server will act as the intermediary between user’s computer & Internet to prevent it from attack or unexpected access.
  • Circumvent regional restrictions – Example, server using the IP-based geo-location for restricting the service to certain country will be accessed by using the proxy situated in that country just to access its service.
  • Scan outbound content, for example data leak protection.

The proxy servers are used by the businesses, which includes Internet Marketing Companies, for augmenting their data handling capabilities.