When you want to make your traveling hassle free-trust Google reviews

The travel and tourism industry is one of the largest industries of the world that directly impacts the world economy by trillions of dollars. Each year millions of tourists travel within the country and across the globe. Data shows thatthe year 2015 saw50millions more tourists travel internationally than in 2014. This growing trend in the tourism industry is by and large the side effect of Google bringing the world at your fingertip.It not only makes choosing the destination easy but also makes other related activities such as booking tickets and hotels, a piece of cake. And google opinie acts a cherry on that wonderful cake.

How to make the most of the reviews?

Google offers a long list of websites that help you choose among the best facilities. Each website offers you a long list of packages endorsed by genuine customers who have already availed those packages. You can go through their real-time experiences and choose the best offer for yourself. Nevertheless, you can always choose to organize your own trip. Even in that case, you can look out for home stays in Google which is again rated by different customers.

Sites with best reviews that you can count on:

  1. com: This has been ranked as the best travel site for airfare in 2019. It offers you a plethora of options as search results, from suites to hostels depending on your budget.
  2. com: This website provides you with a number of filters to choose among the destination of your choice, something that other websites rarely offer.
  3. TripAdvisor:This website gives the customer to compare the reviews on the hotels and also the prices can be compared between two or more sites.
  4. Hipmunk: This website again allows you to compare features, prices and other amenities.
  5. Make my trip: This is by far India’s most popular travel website which allows you to book air, train, bus tickets and travel in India and abroad.

google opinieGoogle Review Dashboard:

A recent report by TripAdvisor TripBarometer highlighted that online reviews affect the booking decisions of 93% travelers. Google has introduced a new tool called “Reviews in Google Places” which is a part of “Google Places for Business” especially for hoteliers where you can see all customers throughout the world share their reviews on hotels in one place. It also enables responding to reviews on Google+ and communication with the customers directly. The summary of reviews received from all over the world and their associated scores can be seen through “Review Analytics”.

Google is preferred by 81% of people when it comes to searching and choosing hotels. What makes it so credible is the vast number of reviews and ratings that comes along from the experienced customers. Therefore, as Rudyard Kipling puts it, “The first condition of understanding a foreign country is to smell it.” Let us smell the unknown through the nose of the fellow travelers before we smell it ourselves.