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What makes GG Servers One of the Best Servers for Game Hosting?

Are you looking to host a Minecraft game which can be played with your friends on the online portal? If, yes then there is one of the most affordable online places where you can host it. The online place is known as ggservers which has a capacity of hosting the unlimited number of players with some amount. It is one of the safest game servers where you can host the game as you want to. The prices are also affordable and don’t cost much on the pocket. For example, to host 70 players you just need to pay around $15/month and the price increases as the number of players are increased.

minecraft hostingFeatures of this game hosting place

The ggservers host a variety of features which makes it unique from the other game hosting servers. Here are the unique features of this great Minecraft game hosting place.

  • Supports Java and Bedrock Edition
  • Customized control panels for multicraft
  • Install Modpacks and Plugins with just a single click
  • Server hosting plans start at a very affordable rate which is around $3/month
  • Unmetered SSD and NVMe storage
  • 24×7 live chat and online in-game chatting via discord

So, the above unique features of this game hosting place make it different from other servers and are very affordable for the pocket.

How to choose a plan for your server?

Now, you must be wondering that if the cheapest plan is $3/month, then how many players it can host or what can be the highest plan to be used. This depends on the server which you want to choose and the number of players. The ggservers have different plans based on the number of players being hosted. Here are the plans which you can choose from.

  • Stone Plan – One of the cheapest plans with 1024 MB of RAM with a capacity to host 12 players for just $3/month
  • Coal Plan – This plan has 2048 MB of RAM with a capacity to host 24 players for just $6/month
  • Iron Plan – Thisplan has 3072 MB of RAM with a capacity to host 36 players for just $9/month
  • Gold Plan – Thisplan has 4096 MB of RAM with a capacity to host 48 players for just $12/month
  • Lapis Plan – Thisplan has 5120 MB of RAM with a capacity to host 60 players for just $15/month
  • Redstone Plan – Thisplan has 6144 MB of RAM with a capacity to host 72 players for just $18/month
  • Diamond Plan – Thisplan has 8192 MB of RAM with a capacity to host 96 players for just $24/month
  • Emerald Plan – This is the highest most plan of ggservers with 12288 MB of RAM and capacity to host 144 players at just $36/month

So, what are you waiting for now, bring along your friends, host a server according to your need and play the games via hosting the games here?