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Focus your promotional texts on conversion, wake up the recipient and conquer them # marketing

Sometimes we offer a good product or promotion and lack of understanding (confusing texts, lack of information, etc.) or abuse of flat and boring texts that tire the reader, the brochure does not fulfill its purpose. Therefore, it is vital to focus the texts to conversion, take into account the resources that marketing offers us and use the right words to awaken something in your audience: curiosity, fear, need, …, and finally convince you that you need what you offer him. Remember that a booklet is not a book, so you must summarize the information and show it in a clear and orderly manner. But, above all, the information must be understandable so that the main message reaches the recipients.  Too much information only leads to confusion and causes the message to be lost.

Storytelling: tell a story

Every good story is made up of three parts: approach, knot, and outcome. Design your brochure so that each space tells a part of the story.

Whether your brochure holder is diptych, triptych or one-sided, the rules are the same, only the disposition of the information changes:

At the beginning, it begins with an introduction, a headline that encourages readers to continue reading, that creates a need to which you will later give a solution.


Be faithful to your brand image

Keep the line and tone of your company or product. Be faithful to your values and company philosophy, this will make better the recognition of your brand. If you deviate from your path you will be leading to confusion in your audience and you will give a bad image of the company.

Choose the appropriate format

The brochure holders offers an infinite number of possibilities: one side, double-sided, diptych, triptych, elongated, horizontal, fold-out, accordions, die cuts, etc. It allows you to play with the folds to offer the reader interactivity and you can see really original things:

To know which format is best for you, you must have the content well tied and take your budget into account. From there, you will analyze which format best suits your needs and what you can invest.

Take care of the design:

A poorly designed brochure will take potential buyers into the arms of your competitors. Investing in a good design is to take care of ourselves in health.

As we have commented previously, the image and distribution of the content is essential for the message to reach the public. With a good design, the right choice of typography and images and the use of an ordered grid where the information is hierarchical and clear, you will make sure that your brochure fulfills its function.