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The Truth behindthe Impact of Paid Backlinks

For people who have blogs, they might have heard that paid backlinks are somewhat harmful to use.  However, this article is aimed at providing an alternative view of the paid backlinks. It also explains the reason they might not be as bad as they are deemed or said to be.

Saves on time of generating backlinks

The backlinks that are of high quality play a vital role in search engine optimization. They contribute to the high ranking of a website in the results of the search engine. A major challenge, however, is the amount of time taken in creating and building the backlinks. The end result is the emergence of the market for paid backlinks on certain websites like SEO Clerks.

Search Engines Arguments and Policies

There is an argument that Google and other search engines mostly discourage people from using paid backlinks. They also discourage people from using any method that artificially elevates ones website to a higher position in the search engine. However, you can also argue out any means of payment for any kind of search engine optimization is working to raise the ranking of the website artificially. Another example is using a celeb in a post in social media platforms like Facebook or tweeter to increase the traffic of users of the link. They also act as paid links brought to a site like SEOClerks.

Backlinks kaufen

The other truth is that just the same an organization employs an employee for a full time of generating publicity, guest posts, press releases, and updating social media platforms.

If your page is poorly worded and you bombard it with millions of spam like links from domains that are dubious google will automatically penalize you. However, if your website is of high quality with good content and several natural backlinks, it can be effectively and safely boosted in ranking though quality paid backlinks.

Choice of the service providers

The best secret is to ensure you choose the service provider for your backlinks in a careful manner. However, make sure you don’t overuse them.  Some links that offer backlink services at a small fee for a high number of links in return may not guarantee high-quality work. You should always invest in reading reviews of search engine optimization services that you have in mind before taking the step of paid backlinks. You should consider what would happen naturally to a website over a specified time and see that a new website won’t rise to high rank within a day in the search engine.


If you consider using paid backlinks as part of backlink strategy, you should use them sensibly. They are just like any other way of publicizing your website just like other mediums like the Facebook page.