gta 5 mobile

Grand Theft Auto – Game You Would Like To Play Again and Again

Grand Theft Auto 5 or GTA V for shorter is the 3D video game that is developed by the Rockstar North & published by the Rockstar Games in the year 2013. For the range of gameplay and vast open world, completely 3D detailed graphics & interesting gameplay Grand Theft Auto quickly become the hottest and highly played game of this decade. Following the big success on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, GTA 5 was released for the PlayStation 4 & Xbox One in the year 2014 and a year later, for the Windows PC.

gta 5 mobile

Why the release got delayed?

Since its release mobile players were buzzing about the Gta v apk for mobile however Rockstar Games were quite silent about it and there was not any sign of the GTA 5 mobile. Main reason was lack of devices’ hardware abilities & smaller gamers market. These days, the Android smartphones are well equipped with the powerful hardware that includes 4 GB and 6 GB RAM & Octa-core CPUs. The android gamers have got increased significantly and in 2018 there’re many mobile gamers that are ready to play the game of GTA V. Unluckily, there is not GTA 5 for the iOS devices, as many iPads and iPhones have got the weaker hardware, and making it tough for the RockStar to optimize Grand Theft Auto 5 for iOS.

A Look in the Gameplay

GTA V for the Android features best quality of gameplay mechanisms, which is never seen on the mobile before. With new controls scheme & improved buttons you may play the game in a way you like, easy and simple. Physics and car handing is improved when compared to their earlier Grand Theft Auto 4 games and it feels completely realistic. The driving physics is very close to other advanced racing games, and making playing of GTA more fun, real, as well as exciting.

Shooting & reload is highly improved, and making each action that you try 99.9% live and real. Unlike other Grand Theft Auto games, GTA V has got real world sounds as well as detailed pieces, which make each part to feel real.

Melee weapons got upgraded and with the optimized sharpness, physics and speed. You no longer will cut down the old tree with just one hit of knife and strike of machete. Melee weapons are particularly good for the close combat as well as hand-to-hand instant fight, and for cutting brushes.