Fashion Fiesta

Fashion Fiesta

In the world of fashion, Desigual is an acclaimed and famous name. It’s a Spanish brand of casual clothing which is renowned for its amazing prints, graffiti witha riot of colors and playful use of textures. This brand was founded by Thomas Meyer in the year 1984 and is based in Barcelona, Spain. Desigual is a multi-million company with a record turnover of €560 million in 2011. Desigual has employees from over 72 countries around the globe and is a flourishing business in the world of fashion.

Swedish Fashion:

The people of Sweden are amongst the most fashionably dressed people in the world as it’s quite evident from the innumerous fashion and cosmetic brands which are based in Sweden. So Desigual Stockholm is not an exception amongst the fashion-conscious people of Sweden. It’s highly acclaimed by the people of Stockholm for its amazing variety of men and women’s clothing, footwear and kids wear. The brandis frequented bought by young and old people alike.Desigual Stockholm is located in four different parts of Stockholm. The first boutique is located in 50 Klarabergsgatan, Ahlens. The second outlet is located in 45 Sankt Eriksgatan in Stuk Manufaktur. The third Desigual showroom is located in 36 Götgatan in Stuk Manufaktur. And the fourth outlet is in 4 Stureplan in Sturegallerian.

More about the Brand:

The brand is well renowned for its unique concepts of creating apparels, accessories and footwear. Their collections are always based on a common theme. The most famous themes are Better&Better, Me&You, Life is Cool, and many more such creative outbursts of themes. They believe their products represent human emotions and feelings. Each article of their massive collection is a representation of some human element like fun, frolic, positivity, tolerance and commitment. They are on a quest of representing the positivity’s of the world through their amazing display of fabric.

Owing to its unique concepts and creative finesse, Desigual has become an exquisite brand in the world of high-street fashion. Its accomplishments in the fashion world are insurmountable. Its fame reached to a zenith which welcomed world-wide partnerships.

The most talked about of the Desigual partnerships is the one which took place in the 2011 with the French designer Christian Lacroix. They formed a collaboration, which they named “Desigual inspired by Cirque du Soleil” and which includes 60 items of exquisite finery. This collection raised a storm in the Desigual boutiques and the Cirque du Soleil outlets all across the globe.

Significant changes:

Like many multi-million companies, Desigual Stockholmhas had its share of ups and downs. The most significant, and unexpected change happened in 2012 when the Chief Executive Officer and shareholder of Desigual, Manel Adell, announced his intention of parting ways with the company. Manel Adell was, and still is, an indispensable asset of the company. He has worked with Desigual for over 10 years. He is the chief force behind its multi-million turnover which the company has been earning for the last few years. In 2011, Manel Adell was the person who brought the company to the record turnover of €500 million. Manel Adell has informed the world that he will leave his post in 2013 to attend to some personal and professional projects. Even though he has made his intentions of leaving Desigual very clear, he is still hopeful that Desigual will achieve its goal of crossing the mark of one billion euros as its annual turnover.

Advertisement and Publicity:

Desigual Stockholmis not only famous for its unique concepts of design but also for their uniquely bizarre ways of advertising their products and attracting customers. In 2011, Desigual attracted the media’s attention as well as attracted a massive crowd of potential customers at its Spanish and Portuguese outlets. The idea they came up with was they will give away free clothes to the first 100 people who arrived and were clothed in nothing but their underwear. Even though the give-away was for 100 lucky winners, the Desigual stores saw a crowd of thousands of people who thronged the perimeters of the store in their underwear. And yes, indeed, the promise made was delivered as well, and the 100 lucky winners walked away loaded with Desigual goodies much to the disappointment to the people who did not get their share.

Desigual, as a company, is reaching new heights every year owing to its unique ways of creation and distribution.