ice skates

Explore the Various Kinds of Skates Available

Every type of ice sports will demand the different type of skates. There is no wonder that market is full of ice skates of different styles and sizes to accommodate the different requirements of all types of skaters. Amid this wide palette of selections accessible, the top 5 varieties are.

Figure skatesice skates

This is a beginner variety and is made of vinyl still the professional kinds come custom fitted & made from leather to accommodate flexibility surrounding the ankle of a skater. The blades extend to an inch and beyond backside of its boot. Curved fronts in the figure skates are serrated by using the toe-picks that allow skater to perform moves. While it comes about the design, this skate can allow the ice skater to carry out spins, jumps or other moves very easily. Even though these skates are very costly but it’s the absolute value for your money.

Hockey skates

They are well designed for withstanding the rough and physical demands of the sports and are made differently when compared to the figure ice skates. As the hockey player need to be in these skates for a longer time so it is specially made in being highly comfortable & offering good support.

Recreational skates

It is perfect for people who skate but not as the professional. This resembles the figure skates but is not very well-designed and doesn’t offer the complete support and padding that the professional skater needs. The recreational skates for kids are very affordable.

Clap skate

These skate made the foray in year 1990. Opposed to the traditional ice skates where the blades are attached with the boot, but in clap skates its blades are fixed with the boot through the hinge towards its front. Clap skate allows this skate blade to detach from its heel when skater is racing and thus helps to prevent this blade tip to get dig in the ice and keeping this on an ice level for the extended time frame.

Speed skates

They are made different when compared to other range of skates. For the safety reasons speed skates isn’t suggested for anybody who isn’t involved very actively in the sport. These skates are designed for the fast & forward movement as well as made of the lightweight leather or durable and flexible materials that allow the foot to make different movements in any natural running position. This comes with the longer blades that extend beyond its boot.