Professional Services::

The  WPT  will  provide  professional  services  to  any  individual  or  any  organizations desirous to solve their problems of violence at different levels like inner, domesic, community, society, environment and development, country and global level. Peace Software Packages will be developed to solve various kinds of problems in human activities like agriculture, business, industry, socio - economic and  political sector etc. It will also workout solutions to

violence taking place at different levels. The requests for development of the Peace software will be entertained from all over the world. Depending on the type, nature and magnitude of the problems of violence, the expert  team available with WPT will take  a final decision to undertake the assignment or otherwise. All the required information are to be furnished by the clients from time to time for the designing of the software Packages. The Professional fees will be charged to the clients depending on the type, nature and volume of work involved.