Peace Technology Centre (PTC)::

The first “Peace Technology Centre” in  the world  has  been  established in India- in the educational courses so that
city of Cuttack of Orissa state with the following aims and objectives. The institution has obtained a legal status to fulfill various objectives. People living in different parts of the world can start similar institutions for peace building process. All technical and legal assistance will be provided by this site when requests are received.

The chairman of the first Peace Technology of the world is Justice R K Patra, Former Honorable Justice Orissa High Court and Chief Justice Sikim High Court.(of two different states of India).


(i) To create awareness amongst people on sustainable peace without any discrimination with co lour, caste, creed and religion and incorporating universallaw of nature to be adopted in each environment including at grass roots level of village / basti as unit etc.

(ii) To established Schools of Peace Technology for training and capacity building of the children, youth and al other age groups , so that they manage their own life style and become noble citizens by adopting various kinds of professions/activities in a peaceful manner and contribute to inner, domestic and global peace.

(iii) Creation of awareness at different levels, so that peace education is adopted from the primary level to the highest level of education.

(iv) The create ultimately shall make effort to develop a full time Post Graduate Course in "Peace Technology'' which specilise the students in peace affairs and will enable them to take leading roles to promote inner, domestic and global peace.

(v) I internationally the year 2005 has been declared as '' Year of Peace Technology" to begin a peace technology revolution with the objectives of reconnecting MAN WITH MAN and MAN with MOTHER NATURE, the center shall play an active role at local, national and international levels to contribute to the concept of one World- One peaceful global human family" through peaceful means , so that peace prevails on earth.

(vi) To establish various centers to train and educate offspring's for spreading the vision and true knowledge on eco-friendly technology to ensure ecological equilibrium in India and abroad , with peace as an integral component.

(vii) To adopt the principles of harmonics which will act as a therapy in our cultural activities and everyday behaviors through yogic practices or techniques for programming of mind which will enable people to develop peace and culture.

(a) To innovate new ideas , concept and action through cultural programme to enhance moral consciousness for LIMITING HUMAN POPULATION and simultaneously increase population of medicinal

plants and tree, cattle and love towards other species to show them to live with a sense of enough ness and happiness.

(b) Initiation of value restoration process to develop wisdom for the services of poor, destitute, orphan homes, old, deceased and handicapped persons and prohibit the women child death, dowry death, prostitutions by enhancing courage to protest antisocial and violent practices which at present recognise ''Valulessness in our society.

(c) Promoting safe water supply, sanitation, communication, health programme(eye camps eradication of AIDS,T.B., Polio, Malaria), pollution free waste organisations. Simultaneously awareness is to be raised to eliminate polluted air, water, land and noise in our socio- economic structure and habitats by adopting principles of peace Technology.

(d) Developing programme for economising on use of non-renewable energy resources and adpting renewable energy system for pollution free eco-friendly production and all other sectors and micro development of environment as environmentalist and peace technologists through "Model Projects."

(e) The arrogance, hypocrisy, selfishness, egoistic boost becoming a fashion; have declined love affection, spirituality and sense of self-respect in our society. Hence , it is necessary to focus on the ethical values by restoring our value-based OLD CULTURAL ACTIVITIES AND all religious practices incorporating universal Law of Truth, order and Harmony as an integral part of our present development process to archive sustainable peace and development.

(f) To set up ayurvedic, homeopathic, biochemical, unani, acupressure, physiotherapy and yogic therapy as ''AID CENTERS' for the health care of poor and educate them for recycling of products obtained from plants and species and from different of human activities.

(g) Promote legal and educational ''AID CENTERS ''with an objectives of training the people to retain from all sorts of antisocial and violent activities as well as unauthorised possession and destruction of natural resources.

(h) Any other purpose which the Governing Body decides to undertake temporarily or permanently subject to ratification in the next General Body meeting.

(iii) To organise and train young Peace- technologists as a ''SANTI VAHINI'' to render all kind of services relating to peace including social services during all times and remove superstitutions and violent practices in a sustainable manner.

(ix) Transformation of CONFLICTS to peace and conflict mapping of different areas.